‘A journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one’s feet’ … it’s been a long time coming. As with all beginnings we have no idea where this journey will take us, which roads we will turn into and which paths we will abandon. The main purpose is being healthy, discovering a new way to connect with the food we purchase, look at food as nutrition to heal our bodies and our connection to this planet which produces all the glorious varieties of scrumptious eats.

Not so long ago I was just another consumer with a slightly more environmental consciousness than an average joe(ette)… then through amazing conversations, classes and reading (googling most things) I became more and more obsessed with nutrition and daily choices of … well everything – moving away from chemically enhanced products.

Food plays an incredible role in our life – it sustains us and brings us pleasure. How many times in the past did we hear “You are what You eat?”. It is so true – if we feed ourselves good healthy things we will be healthier. We start from the place we live at; geographical location, culture; to economic situation and education of course. We learn how to eat and what to eat from our families, schools, friends and so on… not so much from our doctors – who should be our healers… but that is another subject.

The journey starts now… how long will it last…  I don’t know – month, 6 months, year, the rest of my life? All I know is that I will not go back to mindless consumption of processed mystery food! Those days are over and good riddance!


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